Exploring Positive Leo Man Traits

Leo men can be very passionate and dominant lovers. The playful nature of Leo is always up for a challenge. Upon first meeting a Leo a person might feel they are very serious, but this is not the case. Leo’s are charming, very optimistic and caring. They can make any crowd happy due to their naturally charismatic personality. What makes a Leo such a great lover is the warmth and affection they radiate.

Leo man traits

Why Leos are So Warm

The mighty Leo is second to none as far as dominance is concerned. Despite their brash and sometimes fiery dispositions Leo men are fun beyond your wildest dreams! The sign of Leo is a sun sign and has an intense amount of energy. This is why they are so warm. Leos are as funny as they are open to trying anything involving an opportunity to prove themselves. Leo man traits also may include such behaviors as:

·    An intense emotional bonding with their partner. When Leos fall in love they fall deeply.

·    A Leo man is happiest when he is giving his gift fully to his intimate partner.

·    Absolutely devoted, loyal, and very protective of their partner.

·    Prefers partners who have the same strength, warmth, and kindness as he does.

Leos Are Extremely Romantic

From their brave gestures to their overpowering charm all the way to his undeniable self-assuredness Leo is more than just a lover. Friendship is something Leos value highly since they thrive on the respect and admiration of others. Leo men tend to enjoy their partners teasing them rather than giving them the whole thing. A strip tease will go a long way with a Leo man in the bedroom in case you were wondering! Leo men love being in control. The more time you spend in the bedroom with him the more he will see you as his permanent woman.

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